Tournament Basics & GOYA Challenge BDYW Registration

First Youth Wrestling Tournament? What you need to know…

For quite a few of our youth wrestlers, this weekend’s Waupun Youth Wrestling Tournament will be their first competition. For the first tournament, how they are run and match rules can be a bit overwhelming. While other experienced parents and coaches will be available to help at times, we wanted to give you some additional help ahead of time. Tonight (Jan 22nd), we will be offering some advice, handing out a basic Parent’s Guide, and doing some Q&A for the parents.

Here is a copy of the guide if you are unable to participate. Youth Wrestling 101 – A Parent’s Guide
Also, be sure to check out our Resources and FAQ pages for additional help.

Get your kid registered for the BDYW GOYA Challenge!

Also, we will be starting to get our own BDYW kids registered for the GOYA Challenge on Feb 2nd. This tournament is included with all of BDYW registrants, but we still need to know who will be attending. Please see Kerri tonight to fill out a registration form.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional announcements.

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