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2014 GOYA Challenge Canceled

Unfortunately due to low pre-registration numbers and after hours of discussion, club leadership has chosen to cancel the 2014 GOYA Challenge.

We wanted to focus on having a high quality tournament, but unfortunately we don’t think we can deliver that with lower numbers. Between other nearby tournaments and the Super Bowl, timing did not work out for us to introduce our own tournament.

For public registrants, we have not deposited any funds so we will be refunding any PayPal payments and returning all mailed in payments over the next couple of days.

For BDYW parents and wrestlers, we will substitute registration to the Watertown tournament this Sunday for whoever wants to go. We will be collecting names and information for all of those that are interested during Wednesday’s (Jan 29th) practice.

Over the next 9 months, we will be talking with other clubs to plan and pick a better date next year, and extend some opportunities to clubs that register 10 or more kids. Sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciated the support we got from everyone.

For any questions contact us online by contacting us here or call 920-319-8727

Waupun Youth Tournament Reminder

Quick reminder for tomorrow’s tournament. We will be leaving from the Fleet Farm parking lot at 7 am.

If you don’t plan on traveling with us, please be at the Waupun High School for Check-ins/Weigh-ins between 7 and 7:50 am (Checkin ends @ 8am). Dont miss it or you wont wrestle! Wrestling will most likely begin around 9 to 9:30 am depending how quickly bracketing gets done.

If you didn’t pre-register, or had BDYW pre-register your kid as part of a Level B tournament choice, you can still attend! The Waupun tournament does allow walk-in for $15 at the door.

If you dont have a singlet, please wear shorts and a compression shirt.


More information:

Tournament Basics & GOYA Challenge BDYW Registration

First Youth Wrestling Tournament? What you need to know…

For quite a few of our youth wrestlers, this weekend’s Waupun Youth Wrestling Tournament will be their first competition. For the first tournament, how they are run and match rules can be a bit overwhelming. While other experienced parents and coaches will be available to help at times, we wanted to give you some additional help ahead of time. Tonight (Jan 22nd), we will be offering some advice, handing out a basic Parent’s Guide, and doing some Q&A for the parents.

Here is a copy of the guide if you are unable to participate. Youth Wrestling 101 – A Parent’s Guide
Also, be sure to check out our Resources and FAQ pages for additional help.

Get your kid registered for the BDYW GOYA Challenge!

Also, we will be starting to get our own BDYW kids registered for the GOYA Challenge on Feb 2nd. This tournament is included with all of BDYW registrants, but we still need to know who will be attending. Please see Kerri tonight to fill out a registration form.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional announcements.

Show Your BDYW Colors!

Want to show your Beaver Dam Youth Wrestling support? Does your little wrestler want a cool beanie to show off his pins? Or even warm up in some sweet BDYW sweat pants? You can order from a bunch of different clothing options! Download the form below and bring it to practice with payment, Jan 20th!

BDYW Clothing Order Form

New Practice Format

For those parents not at our last practice, we will be starting our new practice format tonight.

Practice will still begin at 6pm on Monday and Wednesdays. Our younger/newer wrestlers will have the opportunity to leave around 7-7:15pm. After a bathroom/drink break we will get into some more advanced training until 7:50pm. The advanced time is open to all of the wrestlers, but are expected to pay attention and fully participate. We will roll up mats and should be done around 8 pm.